IAEA 2018 Convention: Save the Date!

The next congress of the International Association of Empirical Aesthetics (IAEA) will take place in Toronto, Canada on August 30 to September 02, 2018.

IAEA is an organization with close ties with APA’s Division 10, and is home to researchers who use empirical methods to investigate aesthetics and the creation and perception of art across many domains including music, literature, film, theater, dance, and visual art, among others. Its members from over 20 countries include individuals with backgrounds in psychology, neuroscience, sociology, museology, art history, philosophy, musicology, and other areas of research and practice. You can find more information about IAEA here:


You should  consider submitting abstracts and/or symposium proposals on any topic falling within the broad scope of the congress (i.e., creativity, aesthetics, the arts) for consideration in the program.

The congress will be organized in honor of Daniel E. Berlyne, who conducted his foundational research on empirical aesthetics at the University of Toronto. To that effect, the themes of the congress will involve Conflict, Arousal, and Curiosity—eponymously named after Berlyne’s landmark book published in 1960. We hope to invigorate this burgeoning domain of inquiry through active discussions of the current state of the art in empirical aesthetics, with an eye toward discovering points of convergence in theoretical and methodological approaches that drive research in this area.

Details involving submission deadlines and guidelines will be posted here and on IAEA’s website soon. Stay tuned!

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