Open-Access Scales and Tools for Research

Looking for tasks and scales to use in your research? Division 10 sponsors an Open Science Framework archive of free, open-access tasks and scales related to aesthetics, creativity, and the arts.

Most of the files are self-report scales measuring, for example, knowledge of the arts, everyday creativity, creative self-efficacy, self-rated creativity in different domains, imagination, creative achievements, personality traits, and the like. Most of the self-report scales are in Word and PDF format; many are in MediaLab Questionnaire format (.QUE); and a growing number are available in Qualtrics format for direct importing into online surveys. Many scales have non-English translations.

Other files are for creativity and humor tasks, such as divergent thinking, metaphor generation, and humor generation. Some guidelines for scoring and administering divergent thinking tasks are included, too.

The archive is maintained by Paul Silvia and Mathias Benedek, who encourage researchers to get in touch with new scales, translations, and formats to add.