Call for Proposals: 2024-2025 Division 10 Research Micro-Grants, Due April 17

Division 10 is pleased to announce the call for the Division 10 Early Career Research Micro Grants program to support one-year research projects of scholars who are working in the areas of aesthetics, creativity, or the arts for 2024-2025.

Please see the RFP for details about the application as well as the rating dimensions: Div 10 Micro Grants Call for Proposals, 2024-2025

Application and Grant Details

Grants up to $5,000 will be awarded

Grants run from June 2024 to June 2025

Applications are due Wednesday April 17, 2024, by 5 pm PST

Awardees are required to present the project description, progress, and outcomes during the APA annual convention August 2025 in Denver, CO

Applicant Eligibility

Division 10 members are eligible to apply as PI but they can be any type of member: student, faculty, researcher, practitioner. The PI must be a Division 10 Member, but the Co-PI does not need to be a Division 10 Member. Those interested in joining should visit our membership page.

Early career scholars (up to 5 years beyond their doctoral degree conferred) are encouraged to submit.

Individuals who have applied in previous years are encouraged to submit a new or previously submitted proposal to this call.

Submission Guidelines

Proposals are due Wednesday April 17, 2024, by 5 pm PST.

Applications must be submitted by the applicant’s institutional office of sponsored programs or grants office. Applications submitted directly by the applicant will not be accepted.

The applicant’s institutional office of sponsored programs or grants office at your institution can e-mail Sue Hyeon ( and copy Jen Drake a(

Please e-mail Sue Hyeon ( if you have any questions.


Please note that next year, we will be shifting to a Fall 2025 submission deadline with awardees being required to present at our Division 10 annual research conference in Spring 2027.

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