2017 Membership Update

From Magdalena G. Grohman, Membership Chair

The news from the Membership Committee is a mixed bag this year. On one hand, we keep attracting a diverse body of scholars, professionals and students to our Division. As of March 2017, the body of Division 10 membership comprises APA members (about 63% to date out of 442 members), professional affiliates, associates, and student affiliates (together about 34%). The very good news is that our Division appeal especially to the very young generation of scholars and educators; since the beginning of the current membership cycle, we have welcomed 77 new members, out of whom 50% are students.

On the other hand, our membership has declined a bit, from 596 last March to 442 at present.

There are at least few things every and each of us could do to cultivate and grow our diverse membership:

  1. Always make sure you mention our Division to your colleagues and students.
  2. During the APA Conventions, make sure you grab some flyers that introduce our Division, and give it away to people you know from other Divisions.
  3. Make sure you contact your Membership committee, if you need flyers to take to a professional meeting or conference. Last year, our flyers were distributed during the conference on creativity in Bologna, Italy.
  4. Join your Membership Committee for the First Time Attendees’ Reception at 2017 APA Convention: Thursday, August 3, 4:00-4:50pm in the Chinatown Room at the Marriott Marquis Washington, DC Hotel. We will talking about our Division, distributing flyers and PACA issues to prospective members.

Our committee’s goal is to find ways to serve our Division’s members, so if you have suggestions, comments or anything you’d like to discuss, do not hesitate to contact me.

Membership Committee Members:

Magdalena G. Grohman, chair

Mathias Benedek

Paul Sowden